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(ЯR) Alien Species 1 - Humans (HD)
Release: October 19, 2012 03:50:17
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Human ETs our advanced brothers and sisters from outer space that bring us a message of love and hope People Show Support and Like my Face Book Page and Thanks @ Our ET teammates belong to a Federation of planets who monitor Earth's progress. They are currently worried about the direction that the people of Earth are heading. They fear this could lead to a Third World War and the possible destruction of the planet and it's population. Our alien friends believe we are facing some very difficult and troublesome times in our near future. These difficulties may include massive earth cataclysms and upheavals, an escalation in bizarre and life threatening changes in our weather patterns, religious persecution, a global "Big Brother" scenario, an increase of plagues and diseases with no known drugs to combat them, a general deterioration in people's health resulting in a shortened life span, global dictatorial rule with two classes of people... the elite and the slaves, a possible invasion by evil aliens, serious food shortages, people turning on one another, a one-world religion that is anti-God, nuclear war and a shifting of the Earth's poles. Although these possible advancing scenarios make our future seem terrifying and hopeless, our ET friends assure us that it is not . They tell us that we have the power to change the final outcome by taking full responsibility for ourselves, our thoughts, actions and choices. Our alien contacts are spiritually advanced beings who are here at this time to help mankind through these coming changes. They state that Earth has been through these cataclysms and difficulties before and that this is cyclical. The ETs do say however, that this time will possibly be the most difficult transition Earth has ever experienced. They have told us that the choice is up to mankind. This transition can be as horrible as the imagination can conceive... or as gentle as a sunset. They tell us that the amount of negativity currently on Earth will determine the end results. Our friends tell us that after the pole shift Earth will vibrate at a higher frequency, resulting in a heightened spiritual awareness and state of being. Our group has been training for many years with our alien contacts in order to prepare for the possible coming events. They have encouraged us to analyze our thoughts, action and choices to be better able to walk our talk so that spiritual growth may occur. They have advised us that in these troubled times to come that the salvation of the soul will be far more important than saving one's physical body. They have taught us about freewill, accepting full responsibility for choices and actions. They have also taught us the importance of honing our instincts and learning how to trust and follow them. They and we believe instincts are one's personal and direct "telephone" line to the Creator. Unlike the negative aliens, our ET contacts do not tell us what to do or give us all our answers because they practice the Universal Law of Non-interference. They do not abduct people, examine or experiment on humans, implant them or do anything that would cause fear, as this would interfere with humans' free will. Our alien contacts stated that the Creator created us. They had no part in our creation nor have they altered our DNA over the years like many other aliens are claiming. Through our extraterrestrial friends, we have learned (slowly over the years) the purpose for our being here on this planet at this time. Our mission is to spread Love and Light in an increasingly negative world and to be good examples. We are also to share what we have learned along the way and what we have learned from our alien friends...thus the purpose of this Video ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬'l|[*ЯR*]|l'▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬●

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